Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Well, I feel the holiday is getting closer now! It is, I suppose, with only 3 days left to go!! Got home shortly after 6.00 this evening, the time is now turned 8.00 and I am just contemplating sitting down to have a break and my dinner before starting again! So far I have hoovered the boat, shampooed the carpets, dusted, polished and done a HUGE load of washing, (actually I used both machines at the same time to save time!) I am now waiting for the washing to finish before going to collect it, hang it all up and fight with the duvet cover and then I only have the flowers to dead head and water, the galley to clean and the bathroom to clean before the boat is ready to leave on Friday once I have taken on a full tank of water!!

Ah well, Simba has gone off to 'visit' another boat somewhere so I had better go and find him.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weather, fisherman and hols!

Just returned from a lovely weekend up at Battlefield. Had our school leavers disco on Friday so wasn't able to go out Friday evening and wasn't planning on going out at all as I have a lot of jobs to do before leaving on Friday. The weather got the better of me though and I left as soon as possible on Saturday morning for a very enjoyable and lazy weekend with clear blue skies, a gentle breeze and hot, hot sun! The forecast is even hotter this week with temperatures reaching the mid 30's by Wednesday- possible record breaking, the countryfile forecast said this morning! 5 more days until I leave for the summer so I have switched moderation of the guestbook back on. I have managed to solve a water leak from the back tiller bearing by lifting off the bearing completely, packing it liberally in grease and then re-tightening down the bearing. Installed a 12 volt cigarette socket to the instrumentation panel today so that I can run my GPS whilst out.I now want to find some good pocket PC software that will run the GPS as mapping software now - anyone any ideas? Why doesn't Nicholson or Pearsons do one?

On the way back home, I throttled right down to tickover as I passed a fisherman. the fisherman completely ignored me so as I had just pased him, I throttled back up a little. Hi head popped out of the bushes and I was profusely sworn at being accused of being 'completely selfish' and 'thinking of noone but myself'. Not badfrom a fisherman who was encamped and fishing spread out across the entire length of a ringed mooring area!! I pointed this fact out to him, along with the fact that I had throttled down for him and only throttled back up when he didn't have the courtesy to acknowledge me - we parted company with no love lost!

Ah well, 5 days left in which to do a large washing, hoover and shampoo the carpets, deep clean the boat, stock up with shopping, take on water - oh and teach and attend my heads leaving do.................!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Jobs completed!

Decided this evening to do a few jobs on the boat priorto the weekendas the weather forecast is set to be good for the weekend and I might decide to go out! Changed a diesel fuel filter and amazingly Halfords had the exact same one.This also had the effect of stemming a small diesel leak from the water tap drain. I then decided to check the engine oil level, water level and gearbox oil level. Managed, after some serious heaving and grunting, to get the oil dipstick nut off before topping up the levels.

I will now go and take on fuel and get a pump out at the weekend as well as hoover and shampooing the carpets.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Flowers and lights

Just returned from a weekend away. Went up to Battlefield again and only just managed to find a mooring as it was the Bosworth Battlefield re-enactment weekend.
I was in two minds whether to go out on Friday as the forecast wasn't great for today but decided to go anyway as others had gone out! A very enjoyable weekend with temperatures much more comforatbel but still warm and pleasant. One of the most pleasant things about cruising at this time of the year is the opportunity to meet and chat with boaters from all over the country and it was good to chat to the crew of NB Serafina whom I moored behind.
Cruised back in a howling gale on Sunday afternoon/evening and texted some people from the marina to ask for help as I approached. The wind was relatively kind and I managed to get in with relatively little trouble.
I have posted some pictures of my flowers on the roof which are looking good and getting the usuall annual comments, (still no funeral jokes though,). I have also installed some very pretty LED striplights under the pots which only draw about 2 Amps when running and cycle through various colour combinations - they really bring the boat alive at night.
Got back and defrosted the fridge and freezer as the ice build-up was getting a bit extreme! Probably won't go out next weekend as on Friday evening I have our year 6 leavers disco and then will need to carry out lots of tasks on the boat prior to leaving for the summer the following weekend. Tasks include: changing a fuel filter, checking the oil and water levels, checking for diesel leaks, hoovering and shampooing the carpets, a big laundry session and deep cleaning the boat ready not to mention taking on diesel and getting a toilet pump out!

BTW. For those interested, I have given up with Norton! After re-building my laptop following the virus attack, (which Norton should have prevented in the first place,) I discovered that almost every programme I installed conflicted with Norton and caused major problems. I now run Kaspersky Internet security V6.0 which seems to be doing the job well and, in conjunction with Lavasoft Adaware professional, gives me relative peace of mind!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Khayamanzi website!
Thanks to the Domain Registry of America, the site has been innactive for some weeks now but thatnks to www.easily.co.uk we are back up and running again! Please pass the word on so that the visits can return!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend news

What a scorcher! Went up on Friday to just beyond duck bend and then on to Battlefield on Saturday to meet up with Chell and Sally from NB Chell's Dream for a bar-b-que. Weather was scorching all weekend with temperatures up in the 30's. Of course there was a
strong gusting breeze for the return into the marina though - that's obligatory!

Watched the football on Saturday and despite the best efforts of the 'News of the World' (see picture above) the result was a predicatble English loose on penalties!

Back to work tomorrow with a good forecast for most of the week. Only 3 weeks to go before the big 'off' up North.