Sunday, March 29, 2009


A lot of hard building work has taken place this weekend!

As well as enjoying a great weekend with Fleur who came up to visit. I have also managed to find time to install the buildings that arrived and make a good start on much of the associated scenics.

The station is in place and just needs ramps or steps at the end as well as a little bit of bridge work over the top!

The farm is built and the pigs are feeling quite at home.
The farmhouse is looking good and the start of a front garden can be seen.
The engine shed is up and running and now waiting for some workers and bits of junk to complete the scene!

A water tower is in place and the coal bunker is stocked.

The church is in position on the hill and lit. It's amazing the speed that people die and get buried in 'Little Foxwood'!

This week, I have lots of painting of bits 'n' pieces to do and a few more scenery jobs if I get the time.
In between this, I have also managed to polis the boat and begin to get sorted for next week. Still not sure where we're going yet but I'll think about that during the week.


At 2:34 pm, Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

Looking wonderful, but will amazing once you age them

At 6:17 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Thanks and yes indeed there is still a lot of work to do. Not only do the buildings need ageing but the pigs need dirtying - they're far too clean!!

At 9:10 pm, Anonymous debbie said...

I think your railway and village are fantastc. The detail is amazing. I'm well and truly hooked!

At 9:17 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Thanks Debbie - there's still a long way to go until I reach true authenticity but it's getting there!


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