Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ever since seeing the launch of netbooks, I have wanted one! I am a bit of a self confessed gadget freak I have to admit and the thought of having a fully blown laptop small enough to take to school and on courses as well as when I go off to London or camping and not have to unplug, de-wrire and carry my full sized laptop with me, was something I have aspired to.

Last week, I saw one in action and had the chance to play with it and was very impressed. I have now bit the bullet and bought a very nice little Samsung NC10 netbook.
I have just about set it up and with the 160GB hard drive, I have been able to load most of the applications and files/documents that I need so I can now carry everything with me everywhere I need it!


At 11:06 pm, Blogger Kev's Blog Space said...

Great aren't they. Brought my wife one last year. I suppose the next generation will have a SIM socket and ergo a phone number.

My Dell has a SIM socket but no drivers or other info about it so why is it there?

At 11:25 am, Blogger Headucator said...

I believe some are already doing that now but I coulod be wrong.


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