Saturday, October 10, 2009

Counting down!

I know I've only just gone back to school from the summer but after a week of late evenings including one where the day lasted from 7.30 in the morning when I arrived in school to gone 10.00 in the evening when the Governors and Parent association meetings finished and having had no break whatsoever in between times - I feel I need a holiday! This week promises to be almost as bad with parents evenings on 2 nights and a course on another so I am looking forward to the half term in 2 weeks time.
Half term is a non boating affair this time with a caravan booked for a walking holiday in my favourite place - the North Yorkshire Moors.
In preparation for this, today I went shopping. A visit to Go Outdoors in Coventry allowed me to buy a new pair of walking boots...
...and a new sleeping bag!!
I also popped in to Castle Trains in Warwick to get a few more bits for my growing colliery scene in Little Foxwood.
Once finished I shall post some pictures of it.
Tomorrow - a huge pile of marking to get done as well as all next weeks planning!


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