Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to Little Foxwood!

With the greatest apologies to my boating readers, (watch the ratings plummit again!) now I'm back home the railways will probably and generally take my blogging centre of attention once more I'm afraid. Today was a rare day that I didn't go in school at all. Partly because my brother was coming up to visit K2 and I wanted to see him and partly becuase the sun was attempting to shine once again and I've had a really good few days at school this week already. Instead, I spent the entire day in the railway shed. Some of the earlier buildings had the lighting wired in wrongly the result of which is that the bulbs have started blowing as they have had too much power fed to them. Today was the day for sorting that out. It looked drastic and there was a time I thought I had wrecked the grocers totally but I now have lighting again on the mainline station and in the grocer's shop as well as a dimmer installed onto the lock keepers cottage as at night it locked as if it was on fire! The trains are running well currently and the allottments are coming on nicely.
I have taken a few general pictures simply to keep this updated. First a mixed goods train passes behind the farm workers cottage with the entrance to Foxwood allottments to the right.
The Post Office and general stores with the ever watchful local bobby keeping an eye on things.
The daily milk churn collection taking place at the farm gate.
....and the postman collecting the mail from outside the newly re-lit grocer's shop.
I plan to go back at some point when it's dark to check the lighting properly. Tomorrow, I may go into school again or then again - I may not!!


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