Sunday, March 01, 2009

Liberated sheep!

Eary spring sunshine casts shadows across the fields as The Roya Warwickshire passes a fully laden goods train.
City of Sheffield and Royal Warwickshire pace each other in full steam before branching off to their respective destinations.

Sheep graze lazily on the hillside with the mountains in the distance.

Crumbling dry stone walling marks the old field boundaries up the hillside.
Some general scenery pictures this evening! I now have two fields of sheep all safe and sound behind fences, a selection of trees and bushes and some trackside signs! It's coming on slowly, (and expensively!) The next job is to mechanise one more point that is difficult to reach and then design and draw out the farm, village, colliery and canal onto the base board ready to be gradually constructed over the next 'X' years!
My continuity problem seems to be solved by adding an extra power feed to the inside track loop and now the Royal Warwickshire Regiment is able to pull a full compliment of coaches round the entire circuit with no trouble. In fact, I had the layout running the best I've seen it yet fro a good while this afternoon as you can see from the very grainy mobile phone video below!

Now I need a name! Every railway layout needs a name that teh village and station etc can be based on. Any ideas? I want a double barrel name, fictitious and one that conjours up sleepy summer rural locations. The best suggestion so far is 'Lower Sheepcote' but I'm still playing on ideas so any suggestions gratefully received!


At 3:24 pm, Blogger Heth said...

How's about "Edwards Haven" cos that just about seems to sum it up nicely!


At 7:43 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Thanks Heather - certainly factual and as you say sums it up well. It's on the list!


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