Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nothing to report!

I'm sure many of the so called and self appointed blog experts would slate me for posting a blog entry with such a title that immediately denotes the importance of the subsequent text but hey I never have and never will conform to the 'conventions' imposed upon us in this mad world we live in! I am a non politically correct, non conformist, say it like it is blogger - and proud of it!

I simply felt that having not posted anything for such a long time, I ought to post something! As the title suggests thre is nothing to report however. For the last 5 weeks, my entire Saturdays have been spent in school catching up leaving Sunday as a manic day to catch up on boat chores. Getting home at 6.00 or later in the evenings and then spending an average of between 3 - 5 hours working, (I got to bed at 2.00 in the morning one day last week,) means that there hasn't been a lot of time for anything else right now!


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Mmmm - now there's an offer!


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