Thursday, June 19, 2008

Too much time for some, too little for me!

Just returned this evening from a local council meeting - yawn!! Needed to go with the Head as there were some issues being discussed that affected our school and that we wanted to voice an opinion over. Before our item on the agenda we had to sit and listen to an hours pontificating over the different types of traffic crossings, the exact dimensions to be left by cars parking on the pavement and far too many people who have far too much time spare! Alarm bells should have started ringing when the very elderly gentleman sitting in front of me started rummaging through an extremely well organised ring binder folder - he clearly liked the sound of his own voice!! I can't see why we democratically elect council officers into power and then decide to take all the woes and troubles of the decision making processes on our own shoulders, I couldn't help thinking that some people simply like making trouble. It was all most depressing.

As for me- I don't have enough time. Next Friday, I leave for France with 80+ excited 11 yr olds, (leaving at 02.00 hours!) My father will be dog sitting but prior to that I have to finish my reports, do lots of washing, send off some bills, run the sound system for the school fair tomorrow evening, finish my marking etc etc.

Please accept my apologies if you know me and I appear to have hibernated or plain disappeared for the next 4 weeks leading up to the summer break - then I really will disappear for several weeks!!


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