Saturday, June 07, 2008

Weekend - day 001

Spent most of today running the PA system for a local summer fair and returned this afternoon in time to see my brother sailing off into the sunset for a barbecue down Hillmorton way.
Friends are having a barbecue over the other side of the marina and many others are milling round chatting in the evening sun over a shared bottle of something or another. I have school reports to write tomorrow and am only just about to sit down for dinner at twenty to nine! As promised, here is a not great picture of my summer flowers!
And an exciting picture of my bow resplendant in her shiny new black paint and proudly displaying her new anodes, (the water tank is very empty at this point!)
I have spared you a photograph of my toilet! The wonderful chemical provided by Lee Sanitation yesterday to de-scale my toilet has done nothing! The loo still takes about 3 flushes and 1 'dry' flush before finally sucking the contents away. My brother has a vacuflush and I'm sold! Brilliant little device that combines the best of a pump-out with the best of a cassette.
One day, I need to clean and polish my boat - I'll get a round tuit sometime.....


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