Saturday, June 14, 2008

No, I'm the BogExpert!!!

So, my brother thinks he's the bog expert in the family eh!

Not any longer! He may have been exploding his toilet thanks to Lee Sanitation but today, I have had mine entirely apart and rebuilt the whole thing!

This morning I decided to change the offending pipe on the loo to see if it would make a difference - it did; it stopped it sucking away all together! A hasty phone call booked Sam Matts at Foxton Boat Services to pop in tomorrow morning and take a look and with this security back-up plan in case it all went wrong, I decided to take a look myself. Several hours later, (and a large quantity of the sludgy contents of toilet bowl, macerator and pipes all over the bathroom floor,) and I had removed an entire science labs. worth of assorted pipes and wires and parted the china bowl from the 'guts' of the macerator unit. I did think of taking a picture but a quick glance and sniff off my hands at the time quickly put paid to that idea!

Amazingly enough - the rebuild was relatively smoothe once the various pipes and valves had been scrubbed and washed. The entire unit was re-assembled and connected. The electrics and water switched back on and.... nothing! In desperation, I kept pressing the button and all of a sudden an amazingly satifying gurgle was heard combined with the joy of seeing the contents of the toilet bowl being sucked gloriously away. IT WORKS! Well for the moment anyway. I have cancelled Matt and will keep you posted but am now seriously looking to replace this loo. I will go for another macerator but want a newer more modern one which is quieter and also has th eoption to discharge the contents without the need for a flush with water. Anyone got any ideas or favourate makes/models they can recommend!

I'm off to use the loo - just because I can!!


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