Friday, June 20, 2008

Fayre's fair!

A great summer fayre this evening after school. Sunny and hot with a superb turnout - lots of money raised I'm sure! Half way through the evening, I got asked if I hire my services out professionally! A short conversation confirmed that they meant DJing! Turned out it was the PTA from one of our local infant schools wanting me to do their summer fayre. I told them to contact me on Monday, (they didn't realise I was the Deputy Head at the school and just thought I was a professional DJ - much embarrasement all round!) and I would think about it. I'm not over keen as I promised myself I would only do my own school - I certainly won't do it for money but the promise of a few beers might persuade me otherwise.....

Simba has his annual boosters tomorrow at 9.00 in the morning and then it has to be a day of finishing reports and boat chores. This time next week I'm in Franced with 80 odd kids - 'odd' in both senses of the word! The washing is already half way through its second load with another 2 or 3 promised for tomorrow!

Boat licence renewal came through today - another £800! Normally I just let the DD do its thing but as I've changed the insurance company, I need to send them a copy of the certificate.

Apparently the MOT certificate is sitting on my brothers desk waiting to be brought back to me one evening - the final link in th echain before sending all the required documents off to get the number plate changed. I hope to be able to send it all off before I go to France on Thursday.


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