Thursday, February 14, 2008

Flying time and the saga continues.....

......there it goes, oh - it's gone! The week, I mean - where has it gone; I need a holiday!! This morning I had to go and collect my bike from Halfords and popped into the T-Mobile shop in town. They can't replace my data card as it's out of warranty but could sell me a one hundred quid USB modem or even upgrade my package for fourty quid a month! On yer bike! I will simply not use it for he next couple of months by which time I hope BT have got organised and in the meantime I get an excellent 3G service via Orange and my mobile phone but can only access free data after 7.00pm!

I also got some wick for my oil lamp and the latest Canal Boat magazine to read this evening! This afternoon, I spent a very enjoyable few hours with Derekand Dot Canvin from NB Gypsy Rover. Several doughnuts later and we parted company for me to re-lag my exhaust with glass fibre webbing - another itchy arm tonight!

Now to the latest from BT. Spent an hour on the phone this morning to customer services who re-booked a new appointment for me on Friday 29th February between 4.00 and 6.00 to have my line activated. A few hours later I received a very polite phone call from a lady who was from the 'Chairman's Office' at BT. She took the details, apologised profusely and told me she would ring me back before 9.00 this evening with a way forward. An while later, she phoned again and told me it had taken over an hour to wade through it all and get to the bottom of it. Apparently, because there is already a business line in the marina their system should have flagged it up as not being possible to activate a line as one is already activated at that address. She said that the customer service agents should have noticed this on their screens. I told her that I now had been given a new date of the 29th to which she informed me that that date would never happen and it would have been impossible for the customer service agents to guarantee that - which they most certainly did and several times!! Had I not kicked up a fuss, I would have been waiting yet again on 29th and no engineer would have turned up. I now have her name and a direct line number to the Chairman's Office and her personal assurance that she would be my point of contact from now on until the issue has been resolved. She went on to say that she would ring Open Reach first thing in the morning and get them to contact me ASAP to arrange the final connection of the line. During the conversation she askedme which broadband package I wanted. I told her that I had now lost all confidence in BTto deliver a value for money service and that all I now wanted was for them to activate my line so that I can exercise my right to take my custom to another company - she replied, "leave it with me and we'll get this sorted." I wait with baited breath!!

Tomorrow, I really MUST go into school! I have data to analyse, displays to put up and a classroom to tidy up. How long until Easter??

PS. See Nev's comment on the previous post to see BT's consistence of poor customer service!


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