Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Do you ever start something and then regret it? I did today. Yesterday was a superb day that went very well, today went well but not as smoothly! I started the day by gutting the engine room, climbing in and attempting to clean the bilge - what a job! It took around 5-6 hours and even then I haven't cleaned it to the level I would have liked. Most of it looks cleaner but the floor still has a large amount of flaked paint, oil and grime over it. The plan was to clean it today and then paint it tomorrow but that is not going to happen; partly due to the factthat it isn't really clean enough and partly due tot he fact that I needed to put it all back together again as I didn't have any water until the washing machine was plumbed back in again!

I did finish off the bedroom and am very pleased with the effect.

Even Simba seems to like it!

Still on the subject of bilge.....

I got an email from BT apologising for the cock-up yesterday and informing me that they notice it has been re-booked for 26th February. That was news to me! No-one had cleared that date with me and as it's a school day it simply isn't possible. It just made me even more angry with them and I was extremely rude in turning down their derisory thirty three pound offer! I am still going for the full install fee being waived and will push for this all the way.....


At 10:43 pm, Anonymous Andy (& Katy) said...

Hint - It's much easier to paint the bilge if there isn't an engine in the way :-)
Of course, boats are ungrateful things and mine, not satisfied with a new engine has now decided to split a seam on the calorifier, so I now have a nicely painted bilge full of water. I really wanted more expense.
And I was even considering going out somewhere, maybe even managing to drop in on you. Oh well, maybe another time.
Hope you get everything sorted out soon.

At 11:47 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Hi Andy and great to hear from you. What a shame as it would have been good to see you. I hope you get the calorifier sorted. I guess the post means you got the engine in and running OK and yes that would be a fantastic opportunity to sort out the bilge but an extremely expensive method so I'm not going to hope for one minute that my engine goes bang just so I can get a clean bilge - I think I'll live with the grease and grime!

I have decided to attempt some sort of an attack with the paint tomorrow, even if I only manage to cover over where the battery acid has corroded it! Watch this space....

At 6:28 pm, Blogger Kev said...

Hi Andy,
I agree you should go all the way regarding your install fee being waived by BT. About 6 wks ago they put my monthly rental(incl broadband)up from £50/month to £75, when I told them I was moving to Virgin for £20/month they matched it. How can they slash £50/month just like that!! Go for it
Kev & Ann (4evermoore)

At 7:27 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

....Ok well tonights update will really make you laugh!!


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