Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BT - making progress.....

This morning I received a voice mail message from another BT customer service agent asking me if I could ring back and confirm if I wanted the order of a phone activation that is on his system! Needless to say, I didn't phone him back but phoned straight to the chairmans office who couldn't understand it but assured me things were happening and that in fact the cable layers were due on site today to run the final connections through. Amazingly when I returned home, I discovered that they had indeed been there and pulled the cables through and were due to complete it tomorrow. Who knows - maybe the line might be activated by the end of the week - it could be in theory, although they probably won't bother telling me when it is so I might wait for weeks only to discover it has been activated for weeks!!
It's nice to see the latest developments with NB Clarence. It's a good sign when little touches like mooring studs, rings and hatch hinges are being built - that's when a boat really starts to become personal and take on its character.


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