Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It always strikes me as very bizarre how so much stuff can get so completely lost in such a small length of space as a narrowboat! Have you ever had that sublime situation when something you have only just used simply completely vanishes? Just before my May half term walking holiday, I blogged about getting my extra battery booster for my PDA/phone. It was great - behaving itself impecably all half term. I remember bringing it home, I remember putting it safe somewhere - but now? I have now systematically gutted my boat over the last few days; every cupboard, box, container, shelf, and I mean EVERY - even behind the washing machine in case I absent mindedly put it on top and it vibrated off behind - it is nowhere to be seen. Of course this may present problems in France as my battery certainly won't last the coach and ferry trip and as it has my English/French translation software installed it could become very useful.... if only I had enough power.

Please keep your eyes peeled - if you see the little gizmo pictured above, swimming somewhere along the canal makign a despearte bid for freedom; I am urgently in need of it back!

Speaking of France - this blog will go a little quiet until Wednesday next week as I leave Friday morning at 2.15AM. Right now, I'm off to continue the hunt.......


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