Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to move a bookcase!

Set off this morning in bright sunshine. The sunshine continued for most of the morning but it turned duller and more chilly as the day progressed. We decided to stop early as it was geting very cold and we had already made the decision that the bookshelf in my saloon needed moving to make room for my new sofa and that today was as good a day as any for doing it! We moored just after 2.00pm just before Hopwas on that beautiful stretch that was so scenic before the brand new railway was built and just at the start of the millitary firing range!

So, how to move a bookcase.

First, empty the entire contents onto the dinette table and chairs....
Secondly, remove the book case carefully from its exisitng position: on the back of the dinette....
Next, re-build the shelves like giant Macano set in its new position, preferably with help from ones father....
Finally, re-stack the books in their new home having thrown out 2 black sacks of ones no longer required....

The saloon is now ready for my sofa and just a few tidying up and sorting out jobs.

It sounds as if all went well today, well not quite!

Just as I finished and was hoovering up the dust and sawdust, I noticed that the alternator light on my dashboard was glowing and the warning alarm was sounding. It did this before but I managed to track it down to a loose wire on the back of the alternator. Wiggling the wire stopped the alarm but I simply could not get the light to go out. Unfortunately. all my spanners and tools are in my truck for use round the marina so I have had no alternative but to phone RCR. Their usual customer service level is still in place I am pleased to see, with the friendly and re-assuring voice on the other end enquiring if we need any provisions or crew relayed. I hope to get a phone call in th emorning to give an ETA of an engineer. I just hope it's only a dodgy wire and doesn't need a new alternator - wath this space.


At 12:24 pm, Blogger MortimerBones said...

could i borrow your dad?! That looks great!

At 8:51 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

No problem Bones - I'll tell you his rates!!


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