Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 004

A lazy start to the day havign had the best of bright sunshine before we 'took off'! By the time we reached Woodsend Lock a steady drizzle had started. As I approached the lock, I could see a figure standing up the top, hands on hips, watching me - you just know, don't you when someone is at a lock who you know and my sixth sense proved right as I entered the lock and recognised the figure of Jo standing at the top with NB Hadar above waiting to lock down.
Keith was nowhere to be seen but appeared as I passed by. It was lovely to see them both on their way down the GU to collect coal before returning back North up the Oxford in the new year.
Hadar is one of those boats that is a joy to see and hear every time you pass her.
We continued on witht he drizzle getting heavier and the sky getting darker and more threatening all the while. By the time we reached the cutting at Armitage and took on water - it was thoroughly miserable!
We turned at Rugeley having been beaten by the weather and wanting a more relaxed trip back and headed back to our current mooring in Ravenshaw Woods just before the locks and turn at Fradley tomorrow. By the time I passed Kings Bromley, the rain had developed into a heavy and very wet snow/sleet storm and the ambient temperature was reading only 2 degrees; much colder with the wind chill.
I am planning a rebuild of my saloon! If I move my book case onto the starboard wall next to the drinks cabinet, made my laptop table into a lizard shelf, I could fit a small sofa in there which I would really like, together with a small coffee table next to it which could house my laptop and printer. This would then make my saloon much larger and give me the opportunity to route my wiring more neatly and eliminate the trailing cables that currently dangle round my saloon!
Now, I'm off the take a look at Ikeas website!


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