Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 003

A bitingly cold day today!

Set off this morning headed for Tamworth. An uneventful day passed us by with pleasant cruisinf in a fair amount of sunshine although a biting wind kept the wind chill factor very low. Passed through Tamworth and the 2 Gladcote locks which are, thankfully, much faster now-adays than their previous reputation

Completed the Fazeley juncion turn...
and on towards one my favourate stretches of water down by Hopwas.

The threat of rain as we passed through Hopwas kept away and we passed on through the millitary range and down to the junction at Fradley. A queue of boats coming out of Alrewas, boats behind us and a boat turning down onto the Coventry caused the innevitable chaos that is part of 'Fradley Junction'. We felt a bit of a fraud as we slipped through the swing bridge, made the turn and into the almost empty and waiting lock, leaving yelling and shouting between confused Anglo Welsh and Canaltime boats and a frustrated private owner who had no idea where they were all going!
Our final mooring for the night was found between Shade House Lock and WoodEnd lock in Fradley woods - deep water, golden trees either side, rural fields as far as you can see and a good TV signal although not from the satellite dish; I swear that thing is going int he cut!!
Tomorrow: Rugely, Armitage - take on water then on towards Great Haywood and Tixell.


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