Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend again

End of a busy week and an even busier weekend planned! Having loaded up 4 crates of work and marking to be done over this weekend, I stood there looking at it all covering my office floor and decided to leave it right where it was and go back into work over the weekend to do it rather than load it all into my truck, bring it all home, get disturbed, not get anything done, take it all back into work on Monday and get very stressed and cross with myself for not doing it!!

Taking my accordion in tomorrow to get looked at and a quote for getting it serviced/repaired. the practice is going well. I am now almost proficient in the pieces I was told to learn this week and ready for the next challenge, (I think!)

I also have a large oven and cooker in the back of my truck! It was being thrown out from our food tech. area and so I volunteered to take it to the tip without realising that the tip was now on winter times and shut at 4.30 - I now have to take that to the tip over the weekend as well!

In addition a CD arrived with one of the books in our series that I am asked to proof read and check through before submission to the printers and the next in the series that I am supposed to write is still waiting to be written with a first draft required by half term in 2 weeks time - I really MUST start it properly soon - another job shut away and hiding in my office in school perhaps!!

The forecast for the weekend is relatively good so the lure of the outdoors will also be hard to resist especially if Simba gets agitated and starts giving hints of wanting to run out and play!


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