Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday looms!

Only one week before my trip towards Tixel. This weekend was planned to be a very busy one with large washing and shopping trips planned as well as cleaning the outside of the boat, topping up the batteries, tidying the cratch and engine room etc. well it just got busier as I have now got to supervise our school football team tomorrow at a local football tournament! I have to be there for 8.30 and as it's a tournament I expect it will take most of the morning. My work and chores will have to wait till I get home and Sunday.

A lovely day today - strong sun and changing leaves on the trees. It really is a beatiful time of year. This evening, I got home and, as the temperature had dropped to 5 degrees lit the fire. By the time I had got out of the shower, the temperature had risen to 9 degrees and the boat was roasting! I'm now sitting here with all the windows and doors open and the fire shut right down desperately waiting for it to go out - I shan't do that again. The central heating really is the best option at this time of year until it becomes reliably cold!


At 11:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy we were glad to meet although we were going in oposite directions you towards Hopwas and us on NARROWBOAT CHICHEEMAUN towards Fradley. We hope your cruise continues well .Regards Bob and Barbara.

At 9:08 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Hi there,
it was good to pass you all be it a fleeting shout as we passed like ships in the night!


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