Saturday, June 06, 2009

Foxwood Lock.

Is there one - I don't know but there soon will be. In one weeks time I travel to France and my father comes up here to 'Simba sit'. Hopefully he's going to install Foxwood Lock into Little Foxwood Village. The infrastructure is ready and in place - it just needs bedding in and the layers getting right.
The boat needs customising but I have laid it out to get a feel...
The lock keepers cottage is ready to be put in place with a pretty canalside garden.
The detail is great - the lock even comes with ground paddles and steps to aid opening/closing gates although I have never seen them in such good condition - they need serious weathering!!
The lockside walls are greened with algae and the safety ladder is ready for use to aid single handed boaters.

The top gate is closed as the lock is empty.
A closer view of the boat leaving the lock. The boat needs customising and personalising but I have to use it as it has to be the right scale.
This morning I finished my reports - yeehay! Well, I say finished - I finished all the bits I have to write but I still have to import set 2 comments, French, music, art and games - all subjects I don't teach and being written by other members of staff!
To celebrate I spent the rest of the day getting frustrated in the railway shed! One section of track kept throwing the express off so I replaced it - the same thing happened. I narrowed it down to an adjacent point so I tweaked it and tweaked it and snapped it! A quick trip to get a replacement and I think I have solved it however now the point motor doesn't work so I have to keep ducking under the layout to change the point. At that point, (no pun intended,) I gave up and returned home - I shall try again tomorrow.
The summer has ended and today has not only been cold and windy but raining all day as well. Last night I discovered a leak. Water was dripping down under one of my side windows just above the sofa. As soon as the weather improves, I will re seal the windows on that side and see if it cures it. Khayamanzi is really beginning to get tired!
Enquiries made to the Standedge tunnel people have confirmed that you are now allowed to take dogs through which is great. Several pages of pdf document provide all the details I need for my planned summer trip - most informative and, unusually for BW, very helpful!


At 10:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, I have just been notified that there is to be a new Lock in Little Foxwood. Could you please keep me in mind for your new Lock Keeper?

Myself, my Wife and two children would love to live in the new Foxwood Lock Cottage.

Yours living in hope,

Mr+Mrs Borrower and Family........

At 10:42 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Dear Mr & Mrs Borrower and family.
Thank you for your recent application for the post of lock keeper at Little Foxwood.

I regret to inform you that in keeping with British Waterways' policy on reducing the amount of waterside property owned, Foxwood Lock Cottage is to be converted into a prestige canalside tea room and craft centre and sold by auction. You may of course, enquire as to the details of the auction at Foxwood Estate Agents.

Yours sincerely,
Grabbit & Co.
(Acting on behalf of British Waterways properties.)

At 11:52 pm, Anonymous Mr Borrower said...

Oh that's such a shame! Thanks for your comical reply, it looks like we will have to continue living under the floorboards for now. We did try living under the floorboards of a narrowboat once, but the bilge pump was rubbish and we kept waking up doing the back stroke! So it was back to the foundations of a house again. ( well Andy I don't know who's more mad me or you, but its all good fun! We have had a few red wines and had a real good laugh at your reply) take care Debbie. Tickety Boo. Ps have a great time in France.

At 12:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought it - and plan to buldoze it and fill it in as we need to put a motorway over the top of it. you will understand it is only to keep people employed.
Gordon. (brown)

At 12:58 am, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Hi Mr. Borrower,
I do hope the bilge pump has a filter or else it could be more than backstroke you find yourself doing!! I would stick to the foundations of a house - less oil than a bilge!

(Your few red wines are no match to my finished bottle of Bristol Cream!)

At 1:01 am, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Dear Mr. Brown,
I fully understand however do bare in ind that should the Olympics ever come to Foxwood you'll be wanting to open up new canals and locks and might regret the decision of that motorway.

PS. The residents of Foxwood are creating a residents association and have already started a petition against the motorway.

By the way Mr. Brown, can I submit my expenses claim for having my moat dredged - it's 3500 miles long and I'm finding dreadful trouble mooring my boat near to the bank.

At 10:51 am, Blogger Andy said...

It looks as if your bottom gate needs rehanging properly as it seems to have swung half shut.

At 5:52 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Shhh! Don't tell anyone but actually none of the gates are stuck - ahem, I mean hung! All componenets are still loose until the lock chamber has been installed properly. Or maybe I'm modelling my lock on Woodend lock where that infernal gate never stays shut!


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