Saturday, May 16, 2009

OK - start breathing again!

I thought it was about to time to post an update! A whole 2 weeks with no post, but then nothing's happened. Work has been absolutely frantic, in fact Friday lunchtime was the first time I stopped and had any sort of break whatsoever in the whole week. It's that time of year where every teacher will know what I mean, especially if they teach Year 6 who are now well and truely the top of the school and ready to move on!
Sats all last week but hopefully they might be the last. Report writing every spare waking time other than. Spent the morning writing reports and I now have the teacher comment and a comment and grade for English and maths done - only another 9 subjects to do plus the targets!
This afternoon I attempted to mow the grass. Got the tractor out - it poured with rain so I waited, started the engine - it poured with rain so I waited, put the cutters into gear - it poured with rain so I waited, cut the first few rows - it poured with rain so I gave up and put the tractor away again and went up the railway shed!
Talking of which, I'm starting to think about the lock and canal scene! Here is the lock:
Hopefully, it will be installed during June by my father when he comes up to 'Simba sit' whilst I'm in France with the children.
Spent a lovely evening last night with Derek & Sheila on board NB Clarence. We put the world to rights and helped the British economy with the imports of fine wines in traditional boaters style. It was long overdue as the invitation came some time back but for one reason or another things just didn't work. It was a lovely evening but it did mean a slow start to this morning as I didn't return to Khayamanzi till around 2.00am!
Now, there will be another slight pause in posting unless I get a signal in a weeks time. Next Friday, I'm off to the Yorkshire Dales with my father for our annual non boating walking holiday. I love the Yorkshire Dales and given fine weather the holiday should be wonderful. The fine weather bit is a worry however as I type this with the rain lashing down and the wind buffetting Khayamanzi back and forth into the jetty!


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