Thursday, May 28, 2009

More walking....

So the weather wasn't great when we woke up this morning but the hills beckoned none the less. A quick stop at Ingleton for some BBQ meat and off towards Gunnerside for a magnificent walk over the hills with the cloud rolling in and large expanses of featureless moorland frequented only by the occaisonal grouse. Half way up, (1300ft above sea level to be precise,) and I saw this outside an old barn that was being converted into a luzury house.
I can only imagine that it houses an external mains hookup point amd that the unit was either bought or nicked from some part of the Leeds to Liverpool or Lancaster canal.
It was lovely to see old mine workings all over the place as we walked today. 'Lovely' for 3 reasons:
  1. It made interesting punctuation marks on the route,
  2. It was lovely to see British industry in previously successful days doing something well,
  3. It was incredible to see buildoings and structures built to last even though the engineers must have always known they would be temporary.

One such example left unwanted after it had finished its job was this stone crusher.

Here is Simba contemplating if we really have to walk along all that winding track!

Although when we arrived back to the car it was 21 degrees and shorts and shirt sleeves were the order of the day, as we ascended into the hills for a BBQ, the clouds rolled in and the BBQ was forced to become a spag. bol. back at the caravan - we'll try again tomorrow on what is to be the last day of the holiday.


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