Sunday, May 17, 2009

Simba has a new mate!

Here she is....

.....her name is Lyra and she belongs to Andy, (or does Andy now belong to her?) from NB Hilton here at Brinklow. She is stunning and so full of life! Simba loves her and they play for ages 'pretending' to be tough with teeth snapping but it's all for show and they get on so well with each other. Hope you don't mind me 'stealing' the picture from your blog! I need to get some pictures next time they're playing together.

Today, I managed to finish mowing the grass, (although I did get wet at the end!) The weather has been foul but the forecast tells me there is a chance it will get warmer and dryer towards the very end of the week - they had better be right as I head off to the Yorkshire Dales for my walking holiday.

I have been looking for a chance to get a pump out this weekend but the wind has simply refused to subside. I will now need to look for the opportunity one evening when I get home. Another busy week beckons. I have to clean the boat before leaving on Friday, sort out the lizard ready to be left, do the washing etc etc. We have a Victorian day in school on Tuesday. Rugby Theatre have loaned us some awesome costumes and props! They loan things FOC to local schools and they have an absolute Alladin's Cave of a wardrobe and props department. It should be a great day with the whole day being 'in role'. Sadly I believe it is now illegal to cane children!


At 8:23 pm, Blogger Andy said...

Thanks for the mention. Lyra is now a proper boating dog. Not sure where we are going or for how long, but we will be back so she and Simba can play sometime.

At 10:05 pm, Blogger Andy Edwards said...

Have a great trip where ever you end up!


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